Welcome to the Error Message WikiEdit

Welcome! This is the Error Message Wiki, designed to give computer owners a clear idea of what to do when they receive unexpected behavior from their computer. Just search for an error, and if it's on the wiki, you will find clear and concise details about what the error message is and/or how to fix it.

The Error Message Wiki (EMW) is just starting out, so help us along by adding some errors according to the adding an error page. The computer using community greatly appreciates your effort!

If you need help solving an error of your own that's not here, feel free to post it to the forums (link under the Community dropdown menu at top of page)

About the WikiEdit

By "error message", we mean "any unexpected text, behavior, or dialog windows coming from your computer". The wiki was started in 2011 as an attempt to put into a database any error message of this sort so that the problem being reflected by the machine having the error can be sorted out. Here you will find pages containing:

  • Information on why you could be receiving an error message
  • What programs are affected by the error
  • Tried and True step-by-step directions on getting rid of the error, tested by the person writing the content
  • The EMW Forums, for solving error messages so that you can add them to the Wiki.

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